Parking Permits for People with Disabilities

Parking permits for people with severe disabilities are issued free of charge by the city, town, or village where you reside.

  • Parking permits may be issued for permanent or temporary disabilities.
  • You do not have to be a driver or the registered vehicle owner to get a parking permit.
  • Children who have severe disabilities are eligible for permits, as are people who are legally blind.
  • Permits are issued to the applicant, not to a vehicle, so only 1 permit is issued per applicant.

Applicants must complete Part 1 of DMV Form MV-664.1, which can be downloaded here: Application for a Parking Permit or License Plates, for Persons with Severe Disabilities (PDF).

  • Your healthcare provider must complete the Part 2 Medical Certification.

Bring the completed form to your local issuing agency, usually the city, town, or village clerk where you reside. Their contact information is below:

City of Binghamton Clerk's Office:

Town of Barker Clerk:

Town of Binghamton Clerk:

Town of Chenango Clerk:

Town of Colesville Clerk:

Town of Conklin Clerk:

Town of Dickinson Clerk:

Town of Fenton Clerk:

Town of Kirkwood Clerk:

Town of Lisle Clerk:

  • Phone: (607) 849-6969

Town of Maine Clerk:

Town of Nanticoke Clerk:

Town of Sanford Clerk:

Town of Triangle Clerk:

  • Phone: (607) 692-4332

Town of Union Clerk:

Town of Vestal Clerk:

Town of Windsor Clerk:

Village of Deposit Clerk:

Village of Endicott Clerk:

Village of Johnson City’s Registrar of Vital Statistics:

Village of Lisle Clerk:

  • Phone: (607) 692-2137

Village of Port Dickinson Clerk:

Village of Whitney Point:

Village of Windsor Clerk: