Filing & Recording Documents

This is an exciting time at the Broome County Clerk’s Office as we continue to move forward with e-filing and e-recording. This is a great opportunity for filers and recorders to save time and to save money when working with the Broome County Clerk’s Office.

Filing and recording fees can be accessed on our fee schedule.

A standard Application for Index Numbers is available. (PDF) (DOCX)

If you do choose to file or record your document with a hard copy, please do not use staples or glue with a backer. Your hard-copy documents will have to be disassembled for scanning to create an electronic image. Staples and glue only reduce the quality of the scanned image.


Broome County has been authorized for e-filing since 2007, with mandatory e-filing. Here is the most recent Administrative Order listing mandatory and consensual case types in Broome County.

To begin e-filing, please contact NYSCEF directly at the Resource Center by calling 1-646-386-3033 or on their website: and they will get you started.


Broome County has been authorized for e-recording since 2016.

To begin e-recording, please contact one of the five vendors listed below. All five have been authorized to e-record with our recording software and system:

CSC (Corporation Service Co) 866-652-0111
ePN (eRecording Partners Network) 888-325-3365
Indecomm 877-272-5250
Simplifile 800-460-5657
Synrgo 714-482-2060