Veterans Discharges, Discount Cards & Peddler's Licenses

Recording Military Discharge Papers:

Honorably discharged veterans who reside in Broome County are entitled to record their original or certified DD-214 Discharge Certificates in the Broome County Clerk’s Office.

  • There are no filing fees for this service and your DD-214 will be returned to you immediately.
  • The document will be sealed from public view to protect your privacy.
  • Once recorded in the County Clerk’s Office, veterans can request a Certified Copy of their DD-214 at any time free of charge.
    • A Certified Copy is legally accepted as the original document.


Veterans Discount Photo ID Cards:

Broome County’s Veterans Discount Program is a public-private partnership honoring those who’ve served by providing honorably discharged veterans with discounts on goods and services at participating local businesses.

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for the ID Card, veterans must bring an original or certified DD-214 form to the Broome County Clerk’s Office and fill out a brief application.

  • Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the Broome County Office Building.
    • 60 Hawley Street / Binghamton, NY 13901
  • Please be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID.
  • Applicants for the Veterans Discount Program who previously filed a DD-214 with us just need to visit our office with a valid photo ID to complete the application process.
  • If you can’t locate your DD-214, please contact the Broome County Veterans Service Agency at (607) 778-2147 for assistance.

After the County Clerk's Offices verifies the applicant’s service and honorable discharge, the Broome County Security Department will take their picture and issue a Photo ID Card on the spot.

  • There is no charge for a Veterans Photo ID Card.


Which Local Businesses Offer Discounts?

Please click here to access the County's list of participating businesses.


What Are the Rules & Conditions?

  • Veterans Photo ID Cards are issued to honorably discharged veterans free of charge by the Broome County Security Department once their military discharge paperwork (DD-214) is filed with or verified in the Broome County Clerk’s Office.
  • Veterans must present their Broome County Veteran ID Card at participating businesses to receive the discount.
    • Present your card at the beginning of the transaction.
  • These cards are NOT transferrable. Discounts are only available to the Veteran cardholder.
  • Discounts may exclude certain merchandise or services.
    • See the list of participating businesses referenced above for conditions and limitations.
  • Discounts are not to be combined with any other discounts, sales, or offers (unless approved by the business owner).
  • Discounts may change or may be discontinued at any time at the participating business’s discretion.

For more information about the Veterans Discount Program, please visit


Veteran Peddler’s Licenses

Honorably discharged members of the United States Armed Forces and their surviving spouses are eligible to apply for a Veterans Peddler's License in the Broome County Clerk’s Office. This license provides veterans with the right to hawk, peddle, vend, and sell goods, wares, or merchandise, or solicit trade upon the streets and highways within Broome County.

Veterans Peddler’s Licenses are issued free of charge and are valid as long as you maintain residency within Broome County. If the certificate is lost or destroyed, we will issue a duplicate license by repeating the process described below. The Clerk should be informed that the document is a replacement, so that it may be noted on the certificate. Only one certificate may be active at once.

To get a license, you must visit the Broome County Clerk’s Office (60 Hawley St, 3rd Floor, Binghamton, NY 13901) in person between 9 am – 3:30 pm and present the following documents:

  • Valid driver's license or government-issued photo ID;
  • Proof of Residency (6 months minimum); and
    • A driver’s license, utility bill, or mortgage payment receipt is sufficient.
  • Your DD-214 military discharge papers – must be an original or certified copy.

After we review your documentation and verify your eligibility, we will take your picture and issue your Peddler’s License. The process takes 30-45 minutes.

Please note that after you receive your Peddler's License, you should contact the City, Town, or Village Clerk where you plan to operate your business to see if they have any additional local requirements. Their contact info is below:


Municipality Phone Number Email
City of Binghamton Clerk (607) 772-7005
Town of Barker Clerk (607) 648-4445
Town of Binghamton Clerk (607) 772-0357 Ext. 26
Town of Chenango Clerk (607) 648-4809 Ext. 3
Town of Colesville Clerk (607) 693-1174
Town of Conklin Clerk (607) 775-3454
Town of Dickinson Clerk (607) 723-9401 Ext. 202
Town of Fenton Clerk (607) 648-4800 Ext. 102
Town of Kirkwood Clerk (607) 775-1966
Town of Lisle Clerk (607) 849-6969  
Town of Maine Clerk (607) 862-3334
Town of Nanticoke Clerk (607) 692-4041 Ext. 20
Town of Sanford Clerk (607) 467-3214  
Town of Triangle Clerk (607) 692-4332 Ext. 1020
Town of Union Clerk (607) 786-2915
Town of Vestal Clerk (607) 321-6017
Town of Windsor Clerk (607) 655-2023
Village of Deposit Clerk (607) 467-2492
Village of Endicott Clerk (607) 757-2435  
Village of Johnson City Clerk (607) 798-7861
Village of Lisle Clerk (607) 692-2137  
Village of Port Dick Clerk (607) 771-8233  
Village of Whitney Point (607) 692-4907
Village of Windsor Clerk (607) 655-2024