Acceptable and Unacceptable Electronics

Electronics Accepted:

  • Computers, monitors (3 max), printers, laptops
  • Keyboards, radios, stereos, modems
  • Televisions (3 max), VCRs, fax machines
  • Mobile (cell) phones & pagers
  • Handheld games & GPS units

Electronics NOT Accepted:

  • NO countertop appliances (toasters, blenders, coffee makers, etc.)
  • NO answering machines
  • NO large appliances or vacuums
  • NO microwaves
  • NO dehumidifiers, air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators (not part of the HHW program, but freon/refrigerant units are accepted for a $10 fee at the landfill)

If you are unsure if your electronic equipment is accepted, please call 607.778.2250.