BroomeINCLUDES is a county-wide initiative aimed at making sure everyone in need of assistance gets the help they need. The goal is to promote inclusion of community members who experience behavioral health challenges, development disabilities, mental health, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. 

What is BroomeINCLUDES? 

Launched by Broome County Executive Jason Garnar in 2018, the "BroomeINCLUDES" initiative seeks to change the way individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities relate to our neighbors with special needs, mental and/or substance use challenges. 

BroomeINCLUDES is a call to action, a real challenge to determine if we have it within ourselves to look past our differences and treat others the way we would hope to be treated. Too often, many special needs, physical, mental and/or substance use individuals were overlooked, misunderstood, and ignored. Instead we seek to lift each other up and embrace all abilities. 

How individuals can "promote inclusion"

We can all focus on the abilities and strengthens of each individual rather than being concerned about their differences. Inclusion makes everybody feel good! 

How businesses can "promote inclusion" 

Your office or store can be designed to accommodate every customer, without regard to their differences. Families and individuals who have sensory, hearing, mobility, visual, physical, mental and/or substance use challenges are customers too! All individuals should be welcomed in any and all establishments. 

How communities can "promote inclusion" 

Being open to everyone benefits our communities in many ways, which have no added cost - from partnering with local organizations to changing the way we think about individuals with special needs, physical, mental and/or substance use challenges. 

The opportunities to think creatively, engaging with individuals with intellectual, developmental, physical, mental and/org substance use challenges are exciting all with the goal of providing a more supportive environment for people of all abilities. 

Need Assistance?

Contact the Person-Centered Community Community Advocate at (607) 778-1109