Select County Positions to be Filled without Civil Service Exam

New employees in select Broome County positions will not need to take a Civil Service examination if hired within the next year. The County is participating in New York State’s Hiring Emergency Limited Placement (HELP) program, which was created this year to assist local governments address staffing shortages in health and safety-related positions.

“The procedures local governments like ours are required to follow when hiring often slow the entire process down and can deter some applicants. This is something we’ve been advocating for to make the hiring process easier in Broome County, especially for positions where there is an immediate need,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “We appreciate the State creating this program so we can recruit and retain more employees in these positions.”

This is a temporary program. Individuals hired in the following six titles before July 24, 2024 will not need to take a Civil Service examination (associated County Department in parentheses):

  • Support Investigator (Social Services)
  • Social Service Examiner (Social Services)
  • Caseworker Trainee (Social Services)
  • Caseworker (Social Services)
  • Public Health Sanitarian (Health)
  • Emergency Services Dispatcher I (Emergency Services)

There are currently 66 openings across these six titles in Broome County. Individuals hired for these positions will still be required to meet minimum qualifications and will also be subject to the normal probationary period for their job. To learn more about these positions and to apply, visit

Publish Date
August 22, 2023