Personnel Manuals & Policies

Code of Ethics

Broome County Workplace Bullying Policy

Residency Requirements

Manual of Procedure in Disciplinary Actions (Revised 2008)

This revised edition of the manual was prepared by the law bureau of the NYS Department of Civil Service and is an aid in becoming more familiar with the formalities required to meet current legislative and judicial standards related to disciplinary actions.

Broome County Rules for the Classified Service

Public sector employment in the State of New York is governed under Civil Service Law and the local civil service commissioner's personnel rules. The Broome County Department of Personnel Rules for the Classified Service govern the administration of civil service for the County of Broome and the towns, villages, school districts and special districts that are under our local jurisdiction.

Appendices to the Broome County Rules for the Classified Civil Service

The Appendices to the Rules for the Classified Civil Service includes a list of all positions that have been removed from the competitive class to the unclassified service or to the exempt, non-competitive, or labor classes as defined in Section 35, 41, and 43 of the Civil Service Law, respectively.

How To Conduct a Job Interview

Information for Municipal Employees Affected by Layoff

This booklet was written primarily for employees impacted by a reduction in force who have retention and preferred list rights under Sections 80 and 81 of the Civil Service Law. Employees who have these rights are permanent competitive class employees, including probationers and contingent permanent employees. Employees who do not have retention or preferred list rights are provisional and temporary employees, employees in exempt and unclassified service positions, non-competitive and labor class employees.