Information Technology

Mission Statement

BCIT aims to provide innovative, secure, and sustainable technologies and services through strategic partnership and engagement to advance the County’s commitment to the greater good. We are dedicated to and focused on outstanding customer service, collaboration, and inclusivity at all levels.


    Broome County Information Technology (BCIT) is committed to fostering a community of inclusive excellence through strategic leadership, innovative technology, and service of the highest quality.


    • S: Secure technology availability to support services provided through BCIT.
    • T: Technology based on innovation, quality, and teamwork to stay ahead of current technology trends.
    • R: Represent and deliver excellence through the advancement of accessible and equitable technology solutions.
    • I: Innovation of best practices to enable staff development, knowledge, and creativity while improving operation and business performance.
    • V: Value-deliver excellence through talent and resource development.
    • E: Ensure community engagement and creative use of BCIT resources.

    The Administration provides overall direction, general administrative oversight, budget-related processes, contract management, and clerical support for the entire division.

    The Customer Support staff provides computer user support during regular business hours for all systems and provides emergency on-call 24x7 support of critical safety systems. The staff purchases, configures, and deploys all new desktop, laptop, mobile equipment and peripherals.

    The Systems Team supports all server and security equipment County-wide. This includes resolving problems, maintaining existing equipment, and installing new servers, appliances, network storage, etc. They prepare specifications for all computer equipment and software. They order, receive, test, and install new servers, network storage, spam filters, and web filters. The staff also plans all enhancements in equipment and assists the Programming staff with related matters. They are also the interface between vendor-supported applications, the vendors, and the users. System Support Staff also 62 provide 24x7 emergency on-call support for critical safety systems and networks.

    The Security Team continually reviews emerging cybersecurity threats, monitors the County systems and network infrastructure and software for vulnerabilities, and reviews vendors for secure practices. They direct, recommend, or provide remediation to ensure the County Network and Information Systems are as secure as possible given the constraints of time and available tools. Under the guidance of the Chief Information Officer, they develop and maintain information security policies and incident response plans, including playbooks used in response to each type of security incident, and report incidents to required outside agencies.

    The Programming Team supports and maintains HR, Payroll, and Financial systems and related applications. They develop new custom applications where an existing commercial application is not available. They perform problem resolution, conduct feasibility studies, research new solutions and software packages, and develop user documentation and training materials for new programs.

    The Infrastructure Team (Network and Telecom) is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of Broome County’s network, voice, Wi-Fi, and unified communication systems. They design and manage the network infrastructure including routers, switches, firewalls, and virtual private network connections. They also maintain all data communication lines and wireless data connections between County facilities and many municipalities and non-profit groups.

    The Communication Services Team consists of three main functions:

    • The Graphic-Design service uses the latest software and applications to create a variety of customer-driven requests.

    • The Printing Service consists of full-color copy equipment, highspeed, high-volume black and white copy equipment, digital envelope printers, and a variety of bindery equipment, along with advanced printing software.
    • The Mail Service offers pick-up and delivery, sorting, and mail processing for all County departments while using procedures to defray the rising cost of postage.