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Many people are not sure where to turn when they are in need of an important legal document. Of course, we all know if we need to obtain a Driver's license, we go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. But what about a passport, a copy of your deed or mortgage, a DBA, or perhaps a copy of your Great Grandmother's petition for naturalization? These are just a few of the important legal documents, which are filed, recorded and stored at your County Clerks' Office.

Many of the records housed in the Office of the Broome County Clerk are public records.  This means that anyone is free to browse through them during our hours of normal operation.  The following records are confidential (sealed):

  • Divorce and Separation Records: these can be viewed by either party (upon showing photo I.D.) or an attorney of record or attorney of fact.
  • Child surrenders: these can only be opened by court order.
  • Mental Hygiene: these can only be viewed by the Court or the attorneys of record or fact.
  • Military Discharges: these can be sealed at the request of the veteran.  If a military discharge is sealed, only the veteran may view it.
  • Youthful Offenders: these can be viewed by the Court, institution where the youth has been or will be sent, Division of Parole or the Probation Department.

Documents filed prior to 1964 are kept in the County Clerk's Office or the County Records Center in Binghamton.  Most documents filed after 1964 are available on-line for viewing or purchasing by going to the County Clerk's website, (Miscellaneous documents filed after 1988 are available on-line.)

** Homeowner Alert ** Have you received a solicitation to purchase a copy of your deed? Many new homeowners report receiving letters from companies offering to provide copies of their deed for $80 or more. These documents are on file with the County Clerk's Office and can be ordered from our document website,, for only a few dollars! 

Although the Clerk's Office does not house vital records, many of our resources are very useful in tracing genealogies.  You may also wish to visit the Broome County Library or speak with Broome County Historian Gerald Smith when compiling family histories.

Here in Broome County, hundreds of customers visit our offices each day to obtain information and documentation for legal, business or personal reasons. We strive to provide these essential services in a fast, accurate and courteous manner.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check** (personal, business, money order, bank check) and credit card. 

** All checks in excess of $500 must be an Attorney's check, a Title Company check, certified check, bank check or money order.  All checks must be preprinted (no starter checks) with a name, address, phone number if possible and bank account number.  No checks will be accepted from a third party other than a party involved in the transaction.  Personal checks will not be accepted after 180 days (6 months) of issue date.  CHECKS RETURNED TO THE CLERK'S OFFICE UNPAID BY THE BANK WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $25.00 SERVICE CHARGE.

When recording or filing documents please DO NOT staple or bind (glue) pages together or use backers. They will not go through our scanner and we will need to reject your document.