We participate with the following insurance plans:

Please remember to bring a picture ID and your insurance card to your visit.

  • Prior to rendering services, patients and prospective patients will meet with staff who will review their insurance and verify eligibility in the plan.  If we do not participate with your health insurance plan or if the service is not covered by your health plan, or if you do not have insurance, we will provide you with the amount or estimated amount that you may be billed, before providing services.

  • If you do not have insurance, you will be asked for proof of your income and family size to determine your eligibility on our sliding scaleNote that no one will be turned away for services due to an inability to pay.  When bloodwork/laboratory test must be sent to an outside laboratory, you will first be asked if there is a specific laboratory that your health plan dictates be used.  If your health plan requires that UHS hospital’s laboratory be used, you will be given a lab orders to have your bloodwork drawn at UHS, otherwise the bloodwork will be drawn here and laboratory tests will be sent to our contracted lab, Lourdes Hospital Laboratory.

  • For x-rays ordered, we have contracts with both local hospitals, you can choose to have x-rays done at either Lourdes Hospital or UHS Hospitals.

  • If you need to be referred to another provider for services, outside the scope of our care, you will be provided with the name, practice name, mailing address and phone number of any other physician scheduled to treat the patient and information as to how to determine the health plan(s) in which the provider participates with.

STD Clinic Health Insurance, Fees, and Billing FAQs:

  • Will my insurance be billed for my STD visit?

We will only bill your insurance, if you give us consent/permission to bill.
Please bring your insurance card to your visit, if you want us to bill the insurance.

  • I am covered by some else’s insurance; will they be notified of my visit here if I give permission to bill the insurance for STD visits? 

If the insurance is billed, insurance companies are required to send an “Explanation of Benefits” (EOB) to the primary insurance holder’s address.  This may be you, your spouse, parent/guardian or domestic partner.  If you don’t want an EOB to go to this person, you can instead pay a fee based on your income and family size.

Note: Medicaid does not mail out EOBs.

  • What if you don’t participate with my health insurance?

If we don’t participate with your insurance health we will still bill them on your behalf, if you’ve given us permission to bill them.

  • What if I don’t have insurance or don’t give permission to bill insurance?

If you don’t have insurance you or you don’t want us to bill your insurance you can pay a fee based on your yearly income and the size of your family.

  • What if I don’t have any income?

If you have no income you can sign a waiver to avoid charges. No one will be turned down for services for an inability to pay.

  • Can I get an estimate on what the cost of my visit will be before I am seen by the provider?

The day of your appointment, prior to you seeing a provider, our staff will give you an estimated amount of what your visit will cost, you can also request an estimate at the time you make your appointment.

  • What laboratory do you use?

We have a CLIA Waived laboratory here at the Health Department.  Some tests done may need to be processed at our contracted lab, we use Lourdes Hospital Laboratory.  If you give us permission to bill your insurance company and they do not allow for laboratory testing at Lourdes Hospital, please let our staff know.

For more information or to make an appointment call 607.778.2839